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Mirrors provide both functional and esthetic performance in the in the interior design for today’s homes, office buildings, schools and institutional facilities. In addition to the function of providing reflective images, mirrors are being use to move natural light further into homes and enhance the openness of rooms. Mirrors are a great way to open up a room; they can create an effect by reflecting light on all the other elements in the room.

There are two styles of mirrors that will create different looks: A mirror framed with molding should complement the rest of the accessories in the room. The additional thickness of the molding will create a look of an even larger piece.

A non-framed or beveled edge mirror provides a sleek look. The entire space on the wall covered by the mirror becomes a reflection of the opposite side of the room.

Hang a framed mirror on a wall instead of a picture. Mirrors enhance a room in two important ways. First, they reflect what’s in front of them and add sparkle by amplifying light.

Second, they make a room look larger. Try positioning your mirrors to reflect an interesting view from a window or above a mantel to strengthen a focal point. Place a mirror on the back of any door or on the wall to create the illusion of a larger room.