Your full service, community glass shop

Residential Glass

We are a complete glass shop offering a complete line of glass products and services for the residential homeowner. Products are ready for resale and for professional installation.

Mirrors have traditionally been a big part of our glass sales. They run the gamut from traditional vanity mirrors in bathrooms to custom mirrored walls in living rooms and weight rooms. From tinted colored mirrors to custom beveled edgings, we can create the “WOW” factor wherever you can imagine it. We also provide a large catalog selection of fantastic looking framed mirrors.

Also very popular in the home market now is table top glass. With the different thicknesses, color, and edgeworks on glass, it’s no longer just for protection of your furniture. It also adds a beauty and flare to your furniture. Table top glass can be a standard thickness of ¼” plate with machine polished edges. It can even 3/8″ to 1″ thick glass with a variety of edgework including beveled edges or factory ogee edges to create a stunning “floating” dining room table.

The Glass Stations are also a full service repair and replacement facility of the window glass in your home as well. We do insulated glass (thermopane) replacement in all types of residential window applications. Glass types available include low-E, insulated glass with mutin bars, argon filled units, and all are available in all shapes and sizes. All of our insulated glass comes with a 10 year fog-free guarantee. We service screens and storm windows for repair and replacement. All services can be performed here in our shop and at your site as well. We also give free estimates for all these types of repairs.

We also have a line of decorative and specialty glass. We have standard and heavy glass shelving for cabinets, showcases, and for bars and serving areas. Combining this type of glass with out custom mirror work can turn an ordinary area into a showcase of design. Adding the dazzling finishing touch are over 15 different styles and textures of special decorative glass. This glass is perfect for the unique finish in your cabinet doors and curio cabinets in kitchens and baths. Glass offerings such as tafetta and double rolled offer a uniqueness not readily available before now.