Auto Glass Replacement in North Canton, OH

Viking Glass Station is a fully equipped facility for auto glass replacement in North Canton, OH. The only adhesives we use to install glass are O.E.M.-approved. Most installations come with a lifetime guarantee against air and water leakage. We’re even approved by all insurance companies and their billing networks, including Lynx Services, PPG Prostars, and the SGC Network.

Today’s vehicles require a professional technician with detailed training to do automotive glass replacement correctly. We provide that, with glass from manufacturers like PPG, FYG,  Pilkington/LOF, and Carlite. O.E.M.-quality glass ensures a proper fit and finish. A comprehensive 10-step customer service record is performed on each vehicle concerning pre and post work inspections, consultation regarding proper drive away times, and instructions for successful installation.

Installation’s Extreme Importance

A quality installation relates to our concern for safety. Windshields are not just there to keep the rain, snow, and bugs out. They are an integral part of the vehicle’s structural integrity. Ergo, safety is our primary concern. A properly installed windshield is safe for the vehicle, and more importantly, safe for its occupants.

This is why it’s imperative that you never allow chips or cracks to become too big or stay untreated for too long. They can grow when you’re not expecting it, thanks to a change in pressure or weather.  With 30+ years of experience, we’re confident we can handle any issue.

Auto Glass Repair as an Affordable Alternative

Rock chip repair on the windshield is a common option for many drivers, and it can be a lot less money than full replacement. Provided the damaged area is suitable for the repair process, we can most times save the windshield from having to be replaced. When the repair is successful, we guarantee it against breakage at the point of repair for as long as you own the vehicle.

Our glass company is proud to offer competitive pricing for glass replacement on all makes and models of vehicles without compromising our quality or your safety. We also provide mobile auto glass replacement service to your home or office on most vehicles.

You never want to take a chance with your or your passengers’ lives. Contact Viking Glass Station to schedule service.